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5 Marketer Painpoints a Holistic Approach to Paid Combats

As a team, we work with marketing professionals from leading global brands day in and day out, so we’re all too familiar with the most common pressures and pain points you face…trust us!

We’re big advocates of taking a holistic approach to PPC and Paid Social (view the benefits in our ‘PPC & Paid Social: 4 Reasons why they work better together’ blog here!) - so much so that our offering was specifically designed to eliminate the most common challenges brands face daily when managing your paid marketing channels. We’ve rounded up the key 6 pain points a holistic approach to Paid combats and why it’s something worth considering with your wider marketing planning…

1. Internal heavy lifting and draining of resources 

Let’s say you’re working in-house brand side and you’re using a handful of third party agencies for your digital marketing. Would we be wrong to assume you spend a hefty chunk of your time on basic comms back and forth to each of them? We get it, it’s a lot of time that could be better spent focusing on the bigger ticket projects. 

PPC & Paid Social actually work hand in hand, so using one agency to manage both isn’t only a proven performance driver, but it’s highly efficient from a resource/time perspective. You leave the two channels in very capable hands, deal with one team throughout and focus on your real priorities - win,win.

2. Paid marketing teams working in silos 

If your in-house teams or third party agencies are managing your channels separately - they’re working in silos, no matter how much you play middle man to join the dots. Separate teams mean individual budgets and objectives and with it you’re probably finding they’re pretty ‘tunnel vision’ in their own lane, making your job 2x as difficult.

One team managing both channels means transparency on performance, priorities and focuses at every step of the way, with one overarching objective and budget pot!

3. Budget waste & inefficiency 

When you’re managing channels in silos there have probably been countless times where you’ve come across leftover/wasted budgets and spend inefficiencies. You’re not alone - according to a survey of 1,000 marketers worldwide conducted by Rakuten Marketing, respondents estimated that they waste an average of 26% of their budgets on ineffective channels and strategies! (And about half of respondents said they misspend at least 20% of their budgets).

It’s a problem we see often with brands but switching out channel specific restrictive budgets to an overarching ‘Paid Marketing’ pot gives you the flexibility needed to push past the barriers and see the results roll on in with little waste.

4. Limited visibility on data insights

Using data to inform your strategy decisions is paramount, but you don’t need us to tell you that. The more data you can get your hands on, the smarter the campaigns and the better chance of high performance. Data driven strategies also help you better understand your target audience’s online behaviour, their interests and what types of content stimulate their engagement, providing you with everything you need to tailor your ads and deliver content they’re pretty happy to see.

When your PPC & Paid Social experts work together, there’s a seamless data exchange, allowing you to track their behaviours across more than one platform for a more accurate picture.

5. Inconsistency with branding throughout the user journey

If you’re in a marketing role we think it’s safe to assume you’re a stickler when it comes to attention to detail and dealing with many separate third party agencies could really push your inner ‘brand police’ to its limits. Sure, a solid set of brand guidelines to share with your partner agencies helps a lot, but disjointed messaging and branding inconsistencies when you’re juggling a handful of separate partners is a common pain point.

Using one team for your Paid Marketing eliminates the risk of inconsistency in your ads across the user journey, from PPC ads to Paid Social campaigns.

It’s worth noting: When we say ‘using one team’ we’re referring to PPC & Paid Social experts working together using one budget. For all using a full service digital agency might feel like the obvious choice to eliminate the entirety of your pain points, 9 times out of 10 channel teams will still work in isolation with individual budgets/objectives - so if you’re in the market for a new agency be sure to ask how they work together!

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