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Faces of Ortus: Meet Beth

We’ve got another new face that we’re chuffed to introduce you to at Ortus! Beth Callaghan joined the team as PPC Executive a little over a fortnight ago now and has taken to her new role like a 🦆 to water. Here’s what she had to say in her recent interview about life at Ortus so far, where her career journey has taken her to date and her (very challenging!) 2 truths and a lie…

How have your first few days at Ortus been?

Wonderful! I’ve been made to feel very welcome by everyone and the training I’ve received already has been invaluable - from both a company culture and HR perspective.

What’s the main focus for your new role here?

I’ve joined the Ortus team as a PPC Marketing Executive. My main focus is to support the PPC Managers with the daily running of client accounts and ad performance. I’m hoping to bring fresh ideas and external insight to the team and I’m really excited to learn from the best in the biz!

Tell us a little bit about your professional background

After graduating University with a Fashion Journalism degree back in 2020, I landed employment in a position that centred around Social Media at a UK based Tech company and I guess the next steps in my career spiralled from that! My next move meant I was then lucky enough to be part of the Northumbria University Marketing team, to whom I owe the most for the experiences and opportunities I was exposed to. My role involved supporting Managers within acquisition, conversion and social media - this allowed me to develop my skills across a broad range of marketing disciplines.

What made you want to pursue a career in paid search?

The past few years in the industry have led to marketing being a real passion of mine with a thirst to learn more and more. My marketing career to date has been pretty generalist, so I decided I wanted to hone my skills and focus on a particular field - I’m looking forward to being a PPC expert eventually! 

If you could manage accounts for any brand, who would it be?

A boujee choice but it would have to be Balanciaga! Although I’m not sure staring at their products day in day out would do my credit card any favours!

POV: You’re off work. What would we find you doing? Be honest.

Probably on some kind of adventure with my boyfriend and dog Bailey (an overgrown cockapoo!) - a long walk, a cosy pub and some good food is what I’m all about. If it’s more of a lazy day, you’ll find me playing Mario Kart and watching Breaking Bad! 

Just for fun, 3 things you refuse to live without?

Family, Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair (if you know, you know) and Taylor Swift.

We’re partial to a game of two truths & a lie, give us yours:

  • I’m currently writing a children’s book
  • I was chased by an Armadillo
  • Betty White is my boyfriend’s great, great Auntie

(For reference, all bar one of our team member’s guessed incorrectly here!)

Back to the serious ones, what are you most looking forward to with your new role?

I’m really looking forward to working with some brilliant minds. There’s some fantastic people working within the N21 group and I believe that networking and collaborating with great people makes you great!

Bit deep, but what are your long term career goals?

I am hoping to become an expert in my field, by taking every opportunity to develop - through training, collaborating and doing everything I can to contribute to the success of Ortus and N21. After this, the sky's the limit! I’d love to work my way up within the agency and I feel like it’s an environment where I’d be supported to do so!

Connect with Beth on LinkedIn here!