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Selling on social in 2022: What's next in Paid Social?

We’re slap bang in the middle of (a relatively normal) 2022 already and with that in mind it’s time to look ahead. Our Associate Director, Sarah, and Senior Paid Social Manager, Danielle, caught up on the sofa in our recent Selling on Social in 2022 series to hedge their bets for what’s to come in Paid Social for the rest of 2022 and beyond..

Short form video is here to stay

Short form video is here to stay! It's had huge success on the likes of Instagram, with Reels and of course TikTok. Not only is video content an engaging form of storytelling which can result in stacks of engagement and massive growth for brands (or creators), it's a successful way to drive more revenue! Over the past year we have seen brands use video content to connect with their audience on a much deeper and meaningful level than ever before - they’re using video to promote products, sure, but also to raise awareness about causes close to their heart and business values.

The age of Creators & Influencers

Social giants like Tiktok, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin have already invested some serious dollar in tools for Creators that make life a breeze when it comes to connecting with their audience and collaborating with brands. With so many influencers filling their own grids with content centred around ecommerce and shopping it makes complete sense for brands to consider investing in creators. These creators know their audience, and they’re likely already in your target demographic so ads appear almost organic.

When executed right, influencer marketing is a seriously powerful tool to include in your strategy. In fact, 8 out of 10 consumers have purchased something after seeing it recommended by an influencer! We’re predicting to see a lot more brands jump on board with Creators and platforms to continue to roll out tools to facilitate this. 

SO much more from Social Commerce

Social commerce is everrrrrrywhere. With more and more brands utilising social platforms to list and sell their products, we’re anticipating platforms really streamlining the journey from shoppers discovering products to purchasing and post-purchase support. 

Shoppers now have everything they need at their fingertips, big shopping trips to indoor shopping centres and city high streets are now more of an occasion than the norm. The new norm enables shoppers to source inspiration, browse products and even purchase directly from social media in a matter of swift clicks. Expect to see more shopping features being tested across platforms throughout the rest of the year and be sure to get involved! TikTok has already shown strong steps in this direction with more ‘in platform’ shopping and creator tools than we’ve seen before.

There’s stats to support the importance of social commerce too, it’s not all talk. In 2021, 24% of UK consumers said they bought something directly through a social media platform - compared to just 15% in 2017 so it’s on the up!

A TikTok domination

Ahh, the marmite app that floods through every single other platform! You’re either onboard or cringed out when it comes to marketing your brand through TikTok and there’s a whole heap of brands out there showing real hesitancy with getting involved.

Whether you’re in camp cringe or not this is a platform that must be explored and there’s a tonne of ways to utilise the tool to your brands advantage (without the need to partake in a full team dance routine). The braver brands are hop skip and jumping their way to TikTok and seeing unrivalled amounts of engagement through their content - it's a space for anyone and everyone! A place where brands are doing things they maybe wouldn't on any other platform but in doing so are giving shoppers more reason to buy into their products. TikTok’s getting more creative with the tools available - and of course their shopping features are also evolving. Watch this space! 

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