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The Ultimate Guide to PPC

PPC has long been a primary marketing channel for eCommerce brands looking to drive site visitors, boost sales and increase revenue. With bucket loads of tools, networks and campaign types to get stuck into to ensure your brand is reaching your ideal customer at every stage of the user journey, why wouldn't you get involved!

Like any paid marketing channel, knowing where to start, what to do and equally as important, what not to do, becomes an overwhelming and lengthy research process (if you're serious about getting it right!). That's where we come in. Our PPC experts have stacks of experience in managing high performing PPC campaigns for retailers of all sectors, so we've pooled together our key articles to help you on your way to Paid Search success!

1. Why Paid Search is important

When it comes to raising your visibility across the SERPs, Paid Search is not just a pretty algorithm, oh no, it’s so much more than that! With its ability to boost traffic, increase brand awareness, and of course grow those all important sales, it's no surprise that Paid Search is the powerhouse of digital marketing! Read our PPC Manager, Claire's, top 5 faves on why paid search is so important.

2. Top Tips for building a Paid Search Strategy

In the ever evolving world of Paid Marketing, there are a few key areas all marketers and brands need to be aligned on to set themselves up for a successful strategy. Read our Senior Paid Performance Manager, Jess', top tips for building a Paid Search strategy.

3. A Guide to Google Shopping Ads Management

Our PPC Manager, Laura, has almost a decade's worth of experience in managing Paid Search accounts for online retailers. So, when it comes to demystifying the mammoth that is Google Shopping Ads, she's certainly well versed. Laura's comprehensive guide covers both the basics and beyond to get you started with Google Shopping Ads.

4. How to improve your Paid Search

If you’re in need of improvements to your PPC efforts look no further. Our Associate Director, Sarah Williams, has audited bucket loads of brands Paid Search accounts in her time - some would say she's seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Read her industry honed tips to improve the performance of your Paid Search campaigns.

5. PPC & Paid Social - Why they work better together

Whether you’re working for your brand in house, or you’re currently relying on a third party agency, it’s likely you’ll have treated the digital marketing channels in complete silos - but why keep them in their own lanes when they can work so brilliantly together!? When it comes to PPC and Paid Social, if held in capable hands the two are a powerful pair when working together - read our top reasons why.

6. Top 10 PPC Mistakes & how to fix them

When we speak to brands about their current Google Ads performance and set up, a common theme is them “having a gut feeling” that something isn’t right - with their performance looking stagnant but a lack of clarity on what exactly to be looking for to verify if that gut feeling is a cause for genuine concern. Read our Associate Director, Sarah's, top 10 PPC mistakes and how to fix them.

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