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Top tips for building a Paid Search strategy

In the ever evolving world of Paid Marketing, there are a few key areas all marketers and brands need to be aligned on to set themselves up for success. Our Senior Paid Performance Manager, Jess, has shared her top tips for building a Paid Search strategy.

First things first, pick an objective and stick to it

Figure out what's important to your brand - the main thing that will make you look good to your boss?

There’s nothing more frustrating for an agency or a client than when the teams aren’t aligned on ‘what good looks like’. Work together to agree on the main objective of your Paid Ads, is this to increase ROAS by reducing wasted spend in the account? Or is it to increase non-brand revenue by 25% year on year?

Working on an account with multiple objectives is possible if budgets are endless, otherwise you run the risk of spreading the budget too thinly across campaigns and everyones left feeling a bit flat. 

Work with a joined up approach

If you’re not new around here you’ll have heard the team at Ortus talk about how important this is a lot by now… because it is! 

Look outside Google Ads when pushing for growth. There’s so many touchpoints a user can hit before they decide to purchase (more on this later) so let's get them talking to each other. 

PPC & Paid Social are soul sisters, they can share budgets, audience and creative insights, tone of voice and much more to achieve results and growth to meet your objectives. Read more about our recommendations here.

Now, PPC & SEO are the best colleagues around. Ortus and our partner agency North work closely together on all shared clients, so make sure your teams are doing the same. Regular huddles to discuss key insights are priceless, are there any fluctuations in search terms from either platform the other can create content for or support with boosting visibility? Review Quality Score reports and work together to lower CPC’s, freeing up PPC budget for further growth.

Get to know your user journey

We love nothing more than immersing ourselves in our brands industry but further to this we need to get to the heart of how their customers end up parting with their hard earned money. The best way to do this is to understand what the key touchpoints are along the way and how they influence the buyer's journey. 

Please please please make use of Data Driven Attribution where you can! In a world of cookie and privacy updates, any insight we can get our hands on to show the channel contributions is hugely important. At Ortus we love analysing assisted conversions and top conversion paths to see where we’re tapping into user interest. 

The buyer's funnel used to be a neat little triangle users moved through calmly, but times have changed. With a zillion social platforms, affiliates, search engines and competitors out there the funnel is more of a squiggle now and being able to keep tabs on this is ever important to knowing where your sales are truly coming from.

Get an audit from a professional

If you find you’re struggling to get the most out of your campaigns then a PPC audit is the next step. We’re in the top 3% of UK agencies that qualify for Google’s Premier Partner status as well as being a Meta Partner, so you’re in safe hands. An audit gives you the confidence that you’re either smashing it or that that niggling feeling you have is valid and you could be doing more!

If you’re interested in finding out how you’re doing, you can access a free audit from our team using the button below.

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