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AI & Meta: What's new

AI has been a hot topic of conversation across the e-commerce landscape for a while now but we’ve specifically started to witness a real shift in usage since the beginning of 2023. Many forward thinking brands and marketers have been first in line to start testing tools to better their time/resource efficiency - of course, nothing quite beats the human element of account management, but granted there are a handful of time saving elements that are likely worth a try alongside your ‘non-bot’ day to day strategy management. 

What’s new with Meta and AI?

When it comes to Paid Social, new AI tools are landing thick and fast, and it’s no surprise that Meta is paving the way for AI-powered tools. Meta recently announced their ‘AI Sandbox’ that will be a testing playground for some hand picked advertisers to trial the latest AI ad tools. These tools already cover everything from ways to test text variation, background generation and image outcropping…

Text Variation 

You can simply add in your copy and Meta will generate multiple variations of this text for you to test across your ads. You can choose the best options and implement these across the account to see which messaging resonates best with your target audience!

Background Generation 

Gone are the days of bland creatives lacking that little bit of ‘oomph’ in times you’re limited with no in-house design resources to work their magic, and bring your ads to life. Meta’s background generation tool allows you to simply enter a description of the background you’re hoping to achieve and Meta will whip something up based on the query you enter. This tool will allow you to test various images and measure their impact on performance in half the time required to design from scratch manually!

Image Outcropping

Image Outcropping by Meta does what it says on the tin and allows you to edit your assets to fit different aspect ratios across Facebook and Instagram, creating more bespoke and optimised ads for each platform. Incredibly effective at time saving and accuracy!

So what’s coming next?

In July, Meta will begin gradually granting more advertisers access to add some of these features and it's not stopping there. Meta have announced that they are still exploring ways they can use AI to improve experiences for both advertisers and consumers so what we’re seeing here is just the start of AI in Paid Social.

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