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Revolutionise your PPC Management with 6clickz Performance Max Script

Are you ready to take your online advertising game to the next level? Well, buckle up because we're about to introduce you to a game-changing tool that will revolutionise the way you manage your Performance Max campaigns. 

Get ready to meet the 6clickz Performance Max script – your ticket to unlocking valuable insights and supercharging your campaign optimisation.

The Power of the 6clickz Performance Max Script

Imagine having a crystal-clear view of where your Performance Max campaign budget is being allocated – whether it's Search, Video, Shopping, or Display. With the 6clickz Performance Max script, this dream becomes a reality! This ingenious script offers you the ability to see exactly how your budget is distributed across these areas, giving you a holistic understanding of your campaign's performance.

Unveiling Actionable Insights

Let's dive deeper into how this script works its magic:

  1. Transparent Budget Allocation: The script provides you with a breakdown of how your budget is being spent across various networks. This transparency empowers you to make informed decisions about your campaigns as a whole.

  1. Strategic Decision-Making: Armed with precise data about where your budget is performing best, you can strategically reallocate funds to areas that are driving the most value for your brand. This dynamic approach ensures that your campaigns are always optimised for maximum impact.

  2. Identifying High Performers: The script can also act as a spotlight, illuminating the areas that are generating the most engagement and conversions. You can quickly identify which product types are excelling in Video, Display, or other segments, as well as top converting products over all. This insight is like a treasure map guiding you towards creating new campaigns tailored to these high-performing networks and products.


How Ortus Are Using This Script

We’ve implemented this script on several accounts to empower our decisions regarding improving the performance and how best to drive brand awareness.

Video Campaigns

We noticed through using this script that some campaigns, split by Product Type, were driving strong sales through Video.

As such, we created a dedicated Video For Action Campaign advertising this product type to users most interested in them, with the intention of driving both direct conversions and assisted conversions through other Campaigns. In a 30 day period, we saw through this campaign:

  • Approximately 30 Direct Conversions worth over £230.
  • Assisted in an additional 119 Conversions worth over £1,700

Removing Assets From Performance Max Campaigns

In a few campaigns, we found that Google was spending on Search, Display and Video that just weren’t converting well.

To be efficient with our budget and meet targets, we removed Assets from these campaigns to target only the Shopping Network.

We would always advise to give the campaign at least 30 days before implementing this script on it, to allow Google to review their data and optimise - often, Google will push higher spend initially to get more data, quicker, which it can optimise with before optimising and reducing spend in underperforming areas.

Conclusion: Script Your Success Story

With the 6clickz Performance Max script, you're not just managing campaigns – you're orchestrating a symphony of success. By understanding how your budget is being spent across different networks, you're equipped to make strategic decisions that drive real results. 

This script isn't just a tool; it's your secret weapon for navigating the dynamic world of Performance Max campaigns with confidence.

So, are you ready to embark on a journey of optimization and excellence? Embrace the power of the Performance Max script and chart a course towards advertising success that's backed by data, insights, and a whole lot of potential. Your campaigns will never be the same again! 🚀📊

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