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New series: A Pain in the Basket

We're super proud to introduce you to a brand new retail focused video series we've been working on with some of our brilliant eCommerce and digital marketing industry connections...

‘A Pain In The Basket’ addresses pretty much what it says on the tin - the eCommerce marketing pain points you’re facing getting your online customers to A) land on site, B) add to basket and C) make that all important purchase *ka-ching!*.

The initial first 4 episodes heading your way soon are:

Episode #1 - How to Stay Relevant in Digital PR⭐📽️

Mary Hickey, Senior Digital PR Manager at NORTH

shares her industry insights and top tips to ensure your brand stands a chance in the ever competitive Digital PR space!🔥

You can expect:

- What Digital PR is & the role it plays in ecommerce marketing
- Why Digital PR such an important tactic of SEO & why do brands need to invest in it
- What the biggest problems brands have faced in Digital PR over the last 12 months are
- The importance of staying relevant & its impact on success
- What the future hold for Digital PR & how this will impact consumers

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Episode #2 - Increasing Performance with a Holistic Approach 🚀

Jessica Flavell, Senior Paid Performance Manager at Ortus.

Jessica shares her top tips on making your paid marketing budget stretch that little bit further through a Holistic Approach to channel management.

You can expect:

- What a Holistic Approach to Marketing is
- How is differs to a traditional marketing approach
- What the key retailer benefits are
- What you need to set up in order to adopt a holistic strategy to marketing
- What the biggest challenges this approach overcomes for a brand

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Episode #3 - How to Build a Strategy to reduce Cart Abandonment 🛍️🛒

Marc Shepherd, Head of Revenue UK at SaleCycle

Marc outlines the key components of a successful cart abandonment strategy in order to recover traffic that could be otherwise lost!

You can expect to learn:

 - What cart abandonment is and why brands should be concerned
 - How to define a bad, average and good abandonment rate
 - The best methods to invest in a cart abandonment strategy
 - The biggest pitfalls that result in high abandonment
 - Top tips to reduce cart abandonment rates

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Episode #4 - Attracting Consumers in an EU Market 🌎

Samantha Bibby, Senior Affiliate Marketing Manager at Silverbean

With her expertise, Samantha enlightens us on the essential factors that brands should consider when tailoring their marketing strategies for international markets beyond the UK.

Samantha covers:

- The key 5 countries in an EU market
- Key considerations when expanding into the EU
- The biggest challenges of 2022
- Strategic game changers that rocked the boat
- The most valuable insights on consumer behaviour in the European Union market

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All episodes of A Pain in The Basket are full of useful information for you to implement (or simply take on board!) for your own eCommerce marketing strategy, and the best bit? They’re each no longer than 10 minutes viewing time - perfect for your coffee break ☕.

We hope you enjoy! Keep your eye on our social platforms to stay upto date with the latest episodes.