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5 Considerations when planning promotions for Peak

In today's ever-evolving retail landscape, planning promotions for peak seasons like Black Friday and the holiday season requires a strategic approach. 

To help you navigate this crucial time for your business, we've compiled a list of five considerations that can make a significant difference in your promotional success.

  1. Extended or Free Returns

Turning The Inevitable Into Opportunity

While 67% of Brits agree they are more conscious about where they’re spending this season, 40% are open to trying new brands. Therefore extending, or better yet offering free returns, are a necessary evil when it comes to retail and customer retention. Here’s why . . .

With an appealing returns policy and a simple process to boot, decision making stressors are removed from the consumer, therefore, repeat purchases are likely to increase. Throw in a smooth aftercare procedure with regular return updates and you’ve bagged yourself a winner for loyalty and trust. After all, brand reputation is everything, especially during peak! 

  1. Keep Your Customers Informed

Early Black Friday Sales



Black Friday sales are starting well before the actual day, and it's crucial to keep your customers informed about what you’re offering.

If your Black Friday deals kick off early and won't change on Black Friday itself, let your customers know that buying now won’t leave them short changed later on.

By providing advanced notice, you empower shoppers to plan their purchases wisely. They can spread out their shopping and grab the best deals when they become available. This not only enhances the customer experience but also helps you manage traffic and demand more effectively during peak sales periods.

  1. Promo Awareness

Maximising Brand Visibility

Running a promotion? Shout about it, grab consumers’ attention to make it clear on your website.

To succeed during peak promotional periods, you need to shout about your offers through all available marketing channels; this includes your website, social media, email marketing, and more.

Consider the concept of "the messy middle," a term coined by Google. This is the crucial stage where consumers are researching and comparing options before making a purchase decision, and will interact with your ads several times before deciding to purchase.

Make sure your promotions are prominently featured during this phase to sway potential buyers in your direction. 

  1. New Customer Acquisition

Using YouTube Campaigns

To expand your customer base during peak seasons, consider launching YouTube campaigns early in October. This strategic move gives you ample time to engage potential customers before the Black Friday and Christmas rush. (View our recent results with YouTube Ads for Moda in Pelle here!)

As the peak season approaches, focus on remarketing to these early prospects with your special promotions. Additionally, allocate resources to target new customers who might be actively searching for holiday deals. 

  1. Be Clear With Your Promotions

Clarity Is Key

In the world of eCommerce, consumers want information and they want it fast! So if you’re running a promotion this season, don’t have consumers trawling your site for information, remember to be clear, concise and transparent with what’s on offer. 

Use website banners to grab their attention and highlight discounts available, use countdown timers to create urgency, or, build hype with an early bird special using your email marketing lists.

And of course, don’t forget to tap into the powerhouse that is digital marketing, by utilising the tools available such as Merchant Centre promotions to enhance visibility and entice potential buyers with the latest price drops!

Planning promotions for peak season demands a well-thought-out strategy that caters to the changing preferences and expectations of today's shoppers. By extending returns, keeping customers informed, maximising promotion awareness, targeting new customers, and ensuring clarity on your site, you can set your online store up for success during peak sales periods. 

Stay ahead of the competition and provide a seamless shopping experience that keeps customers coming back for more. If you need any help in the run up to Black Friday & Christmas, you can reach our team at any time using the button below!

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