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What's new in Paid Social: Meta & TikTok

It’s the place where trends shift like the wind and platforms are constantly reinventing themselves. Enter *Paid Social*.

We’ve rounded up the latest additions that we’ve spotted coming for both Meta & TikTok platforms:

First up, Meta…

Reminder Ads

  • In Meta Ads Manager, the option to create Reminder ads is now available, or should be soon! If you are utilising Advantage+ placements, your Reminder ad will find its way to both Instagram Feed and Stories, if a user engages with your ad they can choose to opt-in for event notifications, ensuring they stay in the loop and your upcoming event!

    To do this simply select the ‘Engagement’ objective and select ‘Reminders’ as your chosen engagement type.

    Read more about it here << 👈

Schedule Budget Increases

  • Soon it looks like you will have the ability to schedule budget increases (woop!) for specific days or times when you expect increased sales opportunities. This is going to be amazing for promotional and peak periods, that will help drive purchases. We’re expected that this feature will be here very soon, some say early Q4… for both manual and automated campaigns. 

    Read more about it here << 👈

Optimise for Value on Advantage+

  • A new Advantage+ shopping campaign update which we’re excited to try out! You will now (or soon) be able to optimise for value! This means the focus can be on showing ads to those who are more likely to make higher value purchases. Another bonus, when you select ‘value’ as your performance goal you can also set an ideal ROAS goal - very useful when you need to keep the average ROAS around a set amount.

    To get going with this select ‘Create’, select the ‘Sales’ campaign objective and continue on to set up an Advantage+ shopping campaign, then set the ‘Performance Goal’ to ‘maximise value of conversions’. 

    Read more about it here << 👈

Let’s talk TikTok…

Attribution Analytics

  • TikTok have recently unveiled ‘Attribution Analytics’, an exciting new first-party measurement solution. Historically, TikTok’s conversion tracking has been known to ‘fall short’ which makes this feature a very welcome development!

    A significant gap in the data was found when looking at the data from a ‘post-purchase’ survey - with 79% of conversions that users attributed to TikTok missing from the conventional last-click attribution models.

    The Attribution Analytics feature will aim to empower advertisers by shedding light on the complete customer journey on TikTok, from awareness, discovery and action. 

    The ‘Performance Comparison’ is a measurement tool which will show conversions across different times - this will help us advertisers tailor their attribution strategies effectively. From this we will be able to see the change in CPA, as well as conversions, using a variety of click and view attribution windows. 

    Read more about it here << 👈

Disabling the TikTok Recommendation Algorithm

  • TikTok have revealed that it will introduce a feature allowing users in the EU to disable the platform’s recommendation algorithm, in order to align with the European Union’s Digital Services Act (DSA).

    Those who choose to opt out of the personalised ‘For You’ page and ‘LIVE’ feed experiences will, instead, encounter “videos originating from both their local region and worldwide”, as opposed to “content tailored to their individual interests”. This change should have already been rolled out.

    Read more about it here << 👈

Text Posts

  • Not necessarily brand new, but back at the end of July, TikTok launched ‘text posts’ (with multiple features: stickers, hashtags, background colours, tags etc.). A simple feature which we’re interested to see how they perform. These posts are text-based, they look very similar to text-based IG Story posts.

    Read more about it here << 👈


We’re excited to get to grips with the new features and will be keeping our eye out for more news throughout Q4. In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more about our Paid Social offering at Ortus, you can do so using the button below.

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